My Regency stories


A determined young Regency lady…three eligible suitors…one true love.choosing-will

Marisa Landon agrees to a whirlwind London Season because it seems to be the only way to prove to William Wycliffe that their lifelong friendship can turn into something more. She has loved Will since she was only fourteen. Now that she’s grown up and he’s returned from the war, she’s more determined than ever to make him her own.

But first, Marisa must deal with her step-father’s attempt to engage her to an eccentric viscount and the unexpected attentions of Will’s best friend, a charming young earl who can offer her wealth and status.

What will Marisa choose to do if Will won’t offer for her?


“McDonald’s distinctive characters truly shine through in this intriguing Regency Romance.”

“Ms. McDonald’s sensitivity to the emotional difficulties of a developing friendship-to-love relationship, her knowledge of the period and attention to the historical accuracy required by readers of this genre, and the way she weaves a sweet romance together make for a lovely traditional regency read.”

“Kadee McDonald does a superb job of conveying the pain, joy and confusion of first love along with the perennial teen angst of wanting to satisfy beloved parents while also following one’s heart.”

 * * * * * *


An Arranged Valentine - revised 1-31-2016


“I was enamored with this quick tale of finding love and happiness when two hearts are opened to the possibility that a love match is possible even under the most dire circumstances.” ~ All Romance Cafe


In the coldest days of February, can St. Valentine create enough heat to melt two hearts into one?

Miss Penelope Braxton has never met sensible George Harburton or his more dashing younger brother, Henry, but she agrees to grant her dying father peace of mind by considering marriage to one of them.

The advantage of the match for the brothers is evident in the form of Miss Braxton’s substantial dowry. But her money takes second place when both George and Henry realize the extent of Penelope’s courage, wit, and devotion.

Will either gentleman be able to compose the perfect poetry to win Penelope’s heart?

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