Sweet Kisses ~ Excerpts

Kadee McDonald’s Amazon Author Page

From Rescuing the Single Dad [PAWS for Romance #1] ~

When they got to their cars, Jason looked up at the clear night sky that stretched over them, already glittering with what seemed like a thousand stars. “I need to bring Maddie up here. You can’t see the heavens like this in San Antonio. There’s too many lights.”

“It’s only eight thirty.” Erin stopped next to him and glanced up, too. “Not even really good and dark yet. In a few hours, it’ll look like you can make out the whole universe overhead. At the house, the B&B, that is, the reflection off the lake is magical.”

She turned back. They stood only inches apart, wedged between his shiny black Porsche and her older green SUV, but Jason was no longer stargazing. Instead, he looked at her now with the same expression he’d worn yesterday at the shelter.

“Erin, I realize we just met—” he began, then paused as he reached up and ran one index finger lightly along her jaw.

Her stomach fluttered at his touch, but not from fear or worry. In fact, she couldn’t recall ever feeling so safe with a guy about her own age.

“It’s been a whole week,” she whispered.

“Has it?”

She nodded, waiting, and placed one hand on his chest. The warmth of his skin came through the cooler fabric of his shirt and she felt his heartbeat speed up, matching hers.

“May I kiss you?” His voice was deep, his tone urgent.

“Yes,” she said on a soft exhale. She licked her lips, not in nervousness, but anticipation. “Please.”

He leaned forward, resting his hand against the side of her neck, sliding his fingers back until they tangled in the blond waves that fell onto the strap of her summer dress and bare shoulder. He brushed his mouth lightly over hers once, and then a second time, causing tingles to flare inside her and ricochet all the way down to her toes.

With a groan, he closed the few inches left between them, deepening the kiss. She moved, too, curling her fingers under the collar of his shirt to pull him all the way against her. Closing her eyes, she let herself fall into him, confident that he’d catch her.


From Catering to Love [PAWS for Romance #2]

“Luis, the suspense is killing me.”


“Yes. Once or twice, I’ve gotten the feeling that you wanted to kiss me. Like when we were dancing at the Halloween party at the library, or in class that day when we were the only two there, or, well, what I mean is, if I’m wrong, then I apologize, and I’ll stop thinking crazy things about you and me. But, if I’m right, please say so, or do—something, will you? I need to know.”

His brown eyes widened and he ran his strong hands from her shoulders down to her elbows, sending a fresh jolt of awareness through her. “You’re not wrong,” he admitted on an exhale, his voice soft and deep.

“Then…?” she reached up to caress the side of his face, her fingers stroking gently.

He took one of her hands in his and pressed a kiss into the palm. His lips on her skin made her heart stutter and her breath catch. He urged her closer and she went willingly, leaning into him.

When he kissed her at last, his breath warm on her skin despite the chill breeze, the feeling shot all the way down to her boots. Yes, it had been a long day, and maybe her tired brain simply wanted his touch to reach the parts of her mind and body that had been dormant for so long. But his lips on hers created a connection so intense she couldn’t believe this was real.


From Healing Two Hearts [PAWS for Romance #3]

“Do you really think I can do this, Tricia? Make the changes I need to make, I mean. Sometimes, I’m not sure.”

“I have faith in you. And faith in Vanessa, that she’ll do everything possible to encourage you.” Tricia linked her fingers with his and squeezed gently. “It’s always one day at a time, you know, doing the best we can.”

“Because of you, and everyone else at the hospital, at least I have another chance.” Rone sighed. “I’ll try not to waste it.”

Without thinking anymore about it, he took a step closer, then paused so she could move away, if she wanted to. She didn’t, instead leaning ever-so-slightly toward him.

Encouraged, he kissed her, a feather-light touch of his lips to hers that lasted only a second, maybe two.

“You have my phone number, right?” he asked. “Please text or call to let me know you got home safely, would you?”

“I will,” Tricia said, with a shy smile. “Take it easy when you go back to work on Monday. And I’d like to know how it goes. Good night, Rone.” “Good night, pretty lady.”


From Gifting Love [PAWS for Romance #4]

Ryan didn’t resist. All he’d been thinking about for the last fifteen minutes was kissing Delia. Now she seemed on board with it, which told him he hadn’t been wrong earlier in believing the attraction between them went both ways.

He pulled her close, feeling her tremble even as she slid her hands inside his jacket and around his waist. When he brushed his lips over hers, she responded without hesitation, pressing against him. Despite the cold night air all around them, she was soft and warm, and she tasted spicy, an intoxicating combination of sweet ginger and lemon.

Ryan didn’t want to let go of her, but when she pulled back a few seconds later, he did, anyway, resting his hands lightly on her arms.

“That was nice, Pearson,” she said, and it was probably the best compliment he’d ever gotten in his whole life. “But I need to take a little time now. It’s…been quite a day, you know?”


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